A writer’s life without their computer, for three weeks

I’m sure many other writers who use their computer for all their writing and related needs feel very displaced when their computer crashes or breaks down. This happened to me several weeks ago; my computer completely crashed one Sunday, and adamantly refused to come back to life. Even with my best intentions and many, many efforts, the computer was totally, and for reasons beyond me, dead. Thankfully, I did not lose much information as I had backed up all this up elsewhere, and was grateful for this. But, without the computer, as a writer, I felt totally out-of-place – it was as if one of my hands was temporarily tied up for an indefinite period.

It’s amazing how used we get to doing things on the computer that we used to perform manually years ago. Although I could have read any number of books in the period without my computer, I found I missed reading the novels and short stories I read on various websites. While I’m a little behind in my reading and reviewing at the moment, it’ll get there eventually. Apart from this, I found I also missed the communication with fellow Tweeters on Twitter who always find a way to brighten my day with their funny jokes, anecdotes and opinions about the topics they know and love. To be honest, while accessing the internet from internet cafes and booths was helpful, there really is nothing like using the internet from the comfort of one’s home, and this whole experience has reminded me how great it is to have a computer at home, something which quite a few years ago would have been unrealistic in general.


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