Printed Books VS E-Books: Which Do You Prefer?

The issue of printed books versus e-book versions of books is a topic which I have been thinking about now for some time. On the one hand, there is the allure of the printed book: the reader has it there whenever they need it, can pick it up whenever they like, and, put it down when they see fit. They can access it easily without the need to use their computer to read it. On the other hand, the attractions of the e-book, in comparison to printed books, are also very palpable.

Being able to read a book from the comfort of one’s computer, being able to enlarge the print of the book, and, generally, having an immense range of books to choose from with the push of a few computer buttons, is also very appealing. Having a virtual library of books to read, and keeping a record of books which the reader wishes to read in the future, is also wonderful to have. Both book versions, though, have definite advantages in all respects, and I have outlined only some of them. My question is, which of these two book versions do you prefer the most, and, for which reasons?


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