Some Great Books To Share At The End of 2011

I am happy to say I have had the fortune to read some great books this year, and would like to make mention of these at this year’s end.  There is so much great writing material on the internet, from short stories, to longer novels, that it is good to bring it to the notice of other readers, so they can also derive enjoyment from these. Several works, though, stand out for various reasons amongst the others for me, and I shall examine the five which made the most impression upon me this past year.

ABSORBED, by Penelope Crowe, is a taut psychological thriller about an unhinged young woman who seeks control in all aspects of her life, especially her love life, and the plot follows the main character’s journey, and moral decline. The story is descriptive without going overboard, compelling, unsettling but, very readable at the same time. The story evokes memories of films featuring disturbed women who go too far in their quest to get what they want, even if this is at the expense of others.

ABSORBED by Penelope Crowe

KEY TO A HAUNTING, by Coral Russell, is another striking story. A young man assumes the management of a building which has been in his family for many years, and begins to become haunted by ghosts which possibly inhabited the building in a former time.  He enlists the assistance of ghost hunters to help him in his mission to get to the truth, but will he succeed? This is a story which is well-controlled and nicely paced, and has excellent attention to historical detail, especially in its flashback scenes.

KEY TO A HAUNTING by Coral Russell

THE SPEED OF DARKNESS, by Sarah Baethge, is a story about a university professor who, in actuality, is a werewolf, and is being pursued by a secret organization which wishes to trap him, and utilize him for their experiments. This is a story which does not take itself too seriously, and is an entertaining, easy to read story, which will leave the reader with a smile on their face.


For a change of pace, CRAZY STUPID, by Alexandra Dixon, stands out as a sound example of male-male relationship storytelling. It details the trials and travails of two young men who are unsure of their attraction for one another, and how they deal with this situation, and the obstacles they face. The relationship between the two young men is vividly portrayed, and builds naturally and with no prurience,  making the reader feel for the characters’ plight and feelings for each other.

CRAZY STUPID by Alexandra Dixon

 The final story I will examine is ACCIDENTLY MARRIED, by Yenthu Wentz. This is a romantic comedy of errors and misunderstandings between a young woman, her boss, his fiance, and, another young man. Gweneviere, the young woman in question, is in a bind – she needs to get married as soon as possible, and asks her boss if he can play the role of the groom. The problem is, her boss is engaged to another woman, and from here, the plot thickens, but, in a very entertaining manner. This story reminded me of those romantic screwball comedies from the 1930s and 1940s Hollywood Golden Age, but, with an updated feel.


This, thereby, wraps up my compilation of entertaining books I have read this year, which I hope you enjoyed reading about. While the books are all very different in nature, they have something individual to offer readers in their own special way. I wish everyone a happy, healthy 2012, filled with many absorbing, and enlightening, reading experiences.


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