Review of STEPS TO HEAVEN by Wendy Cartmell

My first review of the New Year will be of author Wendy Cartmell’s book, STEPS TO HEAVEN. The story concerns Sergeant Major Crane, a Special Investigations Branch Detective in the British Army, and follows both the Major’s private, and working life. Crane is on the case of a soldier, who, after having returned from Afghanistan, murders both his young son, and wife. Several similar murders of soldiers and their families occur soon afterwards, and Crane begins to believe that these incidents may be linked to a local church. Is this really the case or, is something else more sinister at work?

STEPS TO HEAVEN by Wendy Cartmell

This is a crisp, engrossing page-turner which handles its sensitive subject matter with dignity and precision, and makes the reader feel for its characters, and, most importantly, interested in the lead character’s trials and travails. The contrast between Crane’s tumultuous, dangerous, and at times mentally gruelling working life, and, his domestic situation, is also well handled by the author, and balanced throughout the book. The attention to detail, especially in the investigation of the murders, is also commendable, and realistic. There is never a moment where the book becomes predictable or stagnant, and the narrative flows well. I give this book **** out of *****

+PLEASE NOTE: I received a copy of this e-book free of charge from the author of this work in return for my honest opinion of it.


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