Excerpt from my e-book, THE GREAT HIGH SCHOOL LOVE GAME

I have uploaded an excerpt from my young adult romance e-book, THE GREAT HIGH SCHOOL LOVE GAME, to the blog. It is a story of four eleventh grade high school students – Amy, Jake, Chad and Francine, and follows their lives over the space of a few months, highlighting them falling in, and out of love, amongst events. I hope you enjoy reading this segment from my novel, and look forward to hearing what you think about it.




  “It was now 3:00PM, and the school bell’s recognizable tinkle made itself heard to all. There was an immediate reaction to this, as there was every afternoon. The sounds of rustling paper, school bags being ripped open and filled with books, and chairs scraping the floor, could easily be heard. School had now finished for the afternoon, and students quickly made their way out of classrooms, excited that another school day had come to an end.

While some students were rushing to go home, others hung around outside classrooms, talking to their friends in the corridors. Other students, though, devoted themselves to their athletic passions, and the school really supported these aspirations. Sports training usually started at the end of the school day, and today the basketball practice session was being held. The school’s basketball team rifled through the locker rooms, and quickly changed into their sporting uniforms.

Francine had left her final class for the day, and was making her way to the school’s front gate to head home. She was a little tired, as it had proven to be another full-on day. All of Francine’s least favorite subjects were today, and this seemed to really slow down her day. Francine wanted to take her mind off this, and thought about Jake, and smiled. She wanted to see him again, and this made Francine feel good inside.

Jake made Francine feel safe, and this was something she cherished about him. Apart from Chad, Jake was the only person who made her feel this way. Francine was almost out of the school gate, but remembered that Jake would be doing his basketball training today. On the spur, Francine turned back towards the school, deciding she wanted to watch Jake training in the school auditorium, and began walking over there.

Francine entered the large auditorium, which was notable for holding some of the best high school sporting events in the state. The school had a large basketball team, and it seemed as if the whole team was in attendance today. The coach was a short, stocky, but enthusiastic man in his forties. He had taken the school’s sporting teams to dizzying heights under his guidance, and was much respected by all. While he could sometimes be hard on his players, though, he always meant well. Today he was in his element; excited, rosy-cheeked, and shouting out to the players.

“Come on, just a little more patience, you can do it!” The boys were encouraged by their passionate coach, and worked faster to get the ball into the hoop. The coach cheered every time the ball went into the net, and clapped his hands with glee. Francine noticed there were other girls also in the spectator area, watching the guys practicing their moves. Francine loved to watch the guys playing against each other, as this reflected her own competitive approach to life. While playing sport was not one of her favorite activities, watching sporting games in progress, though, was something she did whenever she had the chance.

Francine moved to the spectator’s stand, intently watching the game all the while. After laying her bag on a seat, Francine made herself comfortable, preparing to watch Jake in action. She sat alone, away from the other girls there, who were busy admiring the guys, and giggling to their hearts’ content. Some of them smiled at her, while others gave her no attention. Any which way, Francine wanted to concentrate on Jake, without putting up with their overdone gushing and screaming.

Francine contemplated what she and Chad had discussed about Jake and Amy, and wondered whether Jake — the school’s handsomest, most popular guy — would ever be interested in her.

“Do you like me, Jake? Would you ever ask me to the gala?” Francine whispered, her face sad. Most of the guys at school seemed to treat her as if she was just a pretty face, with a body attached. Jake, unlike them, actually looked her in the eyes, and knew how to make a conversation. Jake made Francine feel special when he was talking to her; like she was the only person present in the world.

The coach blew the whistle, which made a shrill sound, and training stopped for a few minutes. The guys sat down on the barriers, trying catch their breaths after their exercising. Some were approached by the girls in the spectator area, who were obviously attracted to them. Other guys sat around and talked with each other, taking much-needed sips of water from their bottles.

Jake was talking with some of his friends, and turned his head around, and saw Francine amongst the other spectators. Francine was dreamily looking around the hall when her eyes unexpectedly met with Jake’s. Her heartbeat rose rapidly as he watched her, and Francine felt as if she could not even move around in her seat. Jake’s inviting, friendly glance captivated Francine, and when he smiled at her, Francine felt that she was on top of the clouds.”


If you would like to find out more about Amy, Jake, Francine and Chad, please follow the link to THE GREAT HIGH SCHOOL LOVE GAME below by clicking on to the Amazon store of your country:


The book is also available internationally at other bookstores, which can be accessed below:



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