What Inspires You To Write?

What inspires you to write? For me, it can be anything – I have found that I could be at the supermarket, looking for products on the shelf, and ideas come to me. I’ve found that ideas can even come at other places, such as department stores – all of those beautiful products on display, for me, seem to inspire creative juices. Talking to people about anything can even bring out ideas in my mind. Even ‘worse’, concepts seem to come periodically when I lay my head on the pillow in the evening, and then I must quickly get up to write these on a note pad! I can’t complain, though, it’s just the way things are for me.

The inspiration for my novel, THE GREAT HIGH SCHOOL LOVE GAME, was actually a short story I had written in high school. The short story received a high grade, and was well received by my fellow students, but somehow, I felt that the ‘story’ so to say, had not ended yet, as four pages did not seem enough for me to adequately explore the story – I felt as if there was more mileage to be gained out of the story than what I had written. I wrote it as a response to those novels which I felt dealt with high school in a ‘realistic’ or ‘gritty’ way (what is one’s idea of reality, or grit, can be totally contrary to another’s). Without wanting to sound clichéd, and, to paraphrase film director Ross Hunter, I did not want to hold a mirror up to society as such, but, instead, follow my characters’ feelings, and, in the end, impose upon them my personal version of justice for all. Whether or not I have succeeded in my quest, is for the readers of my book to decide upon, and make their own judgement about this.

Enough about me, though, and a return to the original question for this blog post, which I invite you to answer – what inspires you to write?


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