The Process and Rationale for Changing An E-book Cover – Before and After!

The process of changing the cover for an e-book is something which I am sure many other writers, apart from myself, find themselves in a quandary from time to time. To change, or not to change, is the big question. If one does not feel that an e-book cover properly represents the story content within it is better to go forth, possibly experiment with a few covers, and, when ready, make the decision to change it. I will use one of my e-books to illustrate this example. For my young adult romance e-book, THE GREAT HIGH SCHOOL LOVE GAME, I felt it best that I change the cover to something totally different in theme as the former cover, seen below with its five dice, while in keeping with the story’s title of love being a game, looked a little lifeless.


I sampled a number of different covers, and tried various fonts for the title, but, the cover I finally chose seemed to be the best in terms of a balance of image and cover title/author name than others with which I experimented. I am very happy with my new cover, seen below, and believe that it more accurately depicts the themes of love and romance which are central to the book than beforehand. Apart from this, the starry nature of the cover, with its heart shape, also reflects upon the book’s fantastical elements which could not be referenced by the previous cover.


What do you think of my choice? I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my cover-changing odyssey, and would like to hear your stories of this type of authorial mayhem, and how you find the whole process.



6 thoughts on “The Process and Rationale for Changing An E-book Cover – Before and After!

  1. Changing the cover does cause chaos on sites like Goodreads (and extra work for you because you have to change it on a million sites), but then again you have to find the right cover to reflect your story. I love your new cover better than your first one (the first one makes me think of gambling instead of love).

    I have a cover that has changed seven times and also there are many well-read, famously published books by acclaimed authors whose books have more than one cover per book, so I think your choice was perfect!

  2. Yes, I know what you mean, it does bring extra work in terms of changing it on various websites, but I feel it looks a lot better than the previous cover. I’m glad you like the new cover, and yes, the old cover also conjured up images of gambling!

    It’s never easy to choose to change the cover, but if we feel it’s just not cutting it, it’s better to just change it. I feel it doesn’t at all express indecisiveness on our part, but action if we change it; there’s no harm that we want our books to look great, don’t you think!

  3. I really like your new choice of cover–and I agree, making the decision to change a cover is a difficult and time-consuming one, but it is definitely worth it in order to give prospective readers a better idea of the book’s contents and even style. I have changed three of my five ebook covers recently–and like them all much better than the original ones I created. The three ebooks are humorous, but the covers looked too serious, I thought, and perhaps weren’t drawing in the right viewers/samplers. I guess only time will tell if my gut instinct was right!
    Great job on your new cover! Do you mind me asking what program you use to create your covers? I’m experimenting with, but would love to know what programs other authors use.

  4. I actually love Powerpoint 2007–I used it in my former life as a Learning Designer…will have to check into adding it to my software collection. Thanks for the links, too. Will check them out.

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