Interview with author Andy Wilkinson

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Andy Wilkinson, author of the short stories FROM THE HEART, and A LETTER FROM JOHN: THE REVELATION, amongst his works, and welcome him to my blog. Welcome Andy!

ANDY WILKINSON, author photograph

Q: Have any life experiences inspired you to write your books?

A: In a previous life I was a minister. In school I fell in love with storytelling while taking a course in homiletics, and when I was done writing sermons I turned to fiction. This gave me a satisfying creative outlet.

Several years ago I was motivated to pursue fiction more enthusiastically while participating in a writers group and working with a community theatre. There I met my good friend, editor and accomplished writer, Rick Ready, (see Rick Ready at and at Rick has been very helpful in many areas, especially in how to keep a story tight and focused, and how to keep the reader engaged.

Q: Have you been writing for a long time?

A: Counting sermons, since my late twenties.

Q: Do you have a writing program which works for you?

A: I don’t have a favorite time of day like many writers, but as a rule I focus better late in the day after pressing responsibilities and other activities are off my mind.

I start by reading notes on the project at hand, then I kick back and close my eyes for a few minutes and visualize what I’m about to write.

Q. Do you have any favorite book genres which you love to read?

A: For casual reading I enjoy crime stories. I also enjoy most any genre if it centers on characters who are flawed human beings that rise to the occasion.

Q. Are there any favorite books and authors who have been influential upon you and your writing?

A: I like Elmore Lenard’s sleek style, never a wasted word. Stephen King is one of my favorites, the way he can juggle three or four story lines and bring them together at the end. I’ve always loved Hemingway’s mastery at presenting the despair and darkness that often overwhelms human events. And I am fascinated by ancient religious writings, how they depict the inseparable elements of splendor, conflict and domination, and how those cultures continue to influence civilization to this very day.

Q. Do you have any favorite TV shows, from either the past, or still on the air?

A: Gunsmoke, just because it’s a fun old western. I enjoy Justified. It has wonderful raw characters done in typical Elmore Lenard style.

Q: You have an interest in spirituality and observations of humanity itself, which are fascinating topics indeed, and, which are reflected in the content of your books. Have you been interested in these subjects for a while, or are they something which you discovered at a certain stage of life?

A: I’m convinced that our arts, religions and wars have had a dominating influence on the global development of civilizations. And of these three, religion has very often been the driving force behind the other two. The belief in a coexisting spirit world and how it and its individuals interact and influence the outcome of human choices and activities is intriguing. This was not a discovery that happened at a particular stage of life but has developed over years of observation.

Q. Do you have any hobbies you like to participate in when you have spare time?

A: Photography, golf and camping.

Q. Do you have any other writing projects which you would like to mention?

A: I have a story on called Cowboys, Preachers and Ladies of the Night. I’m currently developing this story into a screenplay.

I am certain that you will join me in thanking Andy today for his time, and that we look forward to reading more of his works in the future.

If you wish to contact Andy, he is available on:

*Twitter –!/RevNot


A selection of Andy’s books can be accessed by clicking on the book covers below:



FROM THE HEART by Andy Wilkinson



One thought on “Interview with author Andy Wilkinson

  1. Hi Andy, I agree that the relationship between religion and all else, and between religions is intriguing. It’s hard to find anything that isn’t in some way related to religious belief or non-belief.

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