What Is Your Favorite Writing Space?

Do you have a favorite single writing space which you feel inspires you to do your best work, and is comfortable and easy to work in? Or, do you have multiple writing spaces? If you write in more than one space, do you write, for example, both inside the home, and outside the home, in places such as the library, or on the train? In my case, I like to work on my laptop on a table in the living room, which has plenty of sunlight, and where I have my paper files located neatly to the side of the computer, where I can access them instantly when needed. I find that having sunlight helps me to think, and be able to create much more easily than if I was in a darker room, which can be a little stifling.  I think, though, that many times we change our writing spaces dependent upon certain circumstances, such as new technologies obviating the necessity for certain practices.


When I used to have my larger personal computer years ago I worked downstairs, but, with the laptop, I like it more in the family room where I currently am, as it is so portable, and takes up less room. I couldn’t have the personal computer upstairs as it took up so much space, and would have been unwieldy. It’s funny, but before I used a computer years ago (yes, there was a life before personal computers and laptops – so easy to forget!) I used to write everything in longhand, then transfer to the typewriter. That seems so labor-intensive now, I don’t know how I ever did that, but this was just how things were. Anyhow, enough about my favorite writing space, and back to my original question – What Is Your Favorite Writing Space?


7 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Writing Space?

  1. I haven’t achieved a favourite writing space yet, I’m having to make do with an open notepad on a crowded train, a desktop machine in a room full of boxes or a tiny reporter’s book while waiting in queues – maybe we need conflict to be able to write?

    • You sound very busy whilst writing – do you find that varied background noise and activity is helping you to create?

      • Repetitive noise (bad dance music) from other people’s headphones gets to me, conversation I can feed on, otherwise I have been known to ‘zone out’; my eyes are open but I’m inside my head – not sure if this state is very helpful to the human race but it gives my girlfriend the opportunity to walk right up and scare the living daylights out of me.

  2. I like to sit at my computer on the desk at the corner of my bedroom. I don’t usually have music, just the sounds from my parrot whom I talk to sometimes.

  3. Marcia, I too remember a time when my writing was done mostly longhand and then made presentable via typewriter. (Although, there was a short and intense period during college when – due to time constraints – I would write directly and without revision with the typewriter. I cannot imagine doing so now, working without the benefit of Word’s editing/correcting features.

    As to work spaces… I prefer to write sitting upstairs in an easy chair with my laptop supported on a small wooden portable desk that in turn sits on my lap. From this position, I have a view out a western window,usually a nice breeze, and just enough sunlight. There is also a small table adjacent which I cut down to use as a desk. But now that I’ve transitioned from a large pc with separate monitor and keyboard to the laptop, I hardly need the table/desk anymore. Still, it does come in handy as a place to put papers and books and the odd cd, dvd, or memory stick.

    I thought for sure, given the freedom of movement a laptop affords, that I would find myself composing alongside babbling brooks or in secluded forest glades, communing more intimately with nature. But I find I can either commune or write. So mostly I leave the computer at home and only sometimes take along pad and pencil to make notes. (Replying to blog posts and email constitutes one major exception. I am writing to you now on my laptop from my parents’ back porch, because I don’t otherwise have access to the internet.)

  4. I know what you mean about typewriters – they aren’t exactly the easiest method for writing. With the typewriter, you had to make corrections then and there, and many times I’d find mistakes after typing an entire page…very cumbersome. I agree with you about Word, I also find it very good for corrections and editing, it is indispensable. It is good for us to be as comfortable as possible when writing, it sounds as if your writing space is very functional. I know what you mean about leaving the computer at home and taking notes; it would afford more freedom to think and create without having to worry about the computer, definitely.

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