Interview with author Carroll Bryant

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Carroll Bryant, author of the novels LAST FLIGHT OUT, CHILDREN OF THE FLOWER POWER, and OF THE LIGHT, and prolific poet and songwriter, and welcome him to my blog. Welcome Carroll!

CARROLL BRYANT, author identification slide

Q: Have any life experiences lead you to write your books?

A: I wouldn’t say any life experience lead me. I think life in general lead me. I think it’s that old cliché of fate versus destiny versus just the way it is. The thing is, I never knew I wanted to write or become a writer. I never once in my life woke up and thought -’I would like to be a writer’ – I just woke up one day and realized that I was writing a lot.

Q: Have you been writing for a long time?

A: I did some school projects as a kid like we all end up doing at some point, but I never gave it much thought until the day of my 18th birthday, when I wrote my first song with a friend of mine. He wrote the music and needed some lyrics so he played me on the guitar what he had wrote musically and I started writing words while listening. It was quite the religious experience for me. Or as close to religion as one who isn’t religious could get I suppose. But that day, the flood gates opened. Songs, poetry, then stories that turned into books. It completely went off on its own.

Q: In your Goodreads profile, you name Elvis Presley as one of your influences. What made him as a person so interesting to you?

A: What’s not to like about the king? He’s a good looking man. (Or was) He had one of the greatest voices ever. His acting, while his movies/roles were not of top quality, was pretty good. I think it is the “rags to riches” story that appeals to me. Talk about, “from out of nowhere”, and his manners was impressive. If you listen to his interviews, you always hear him saying, “Yes, ma’am and no sir”. Everybody is connected to somebody in some karmic fashion, I believe. Other than Rick Springfield and Lord Byron, (to name a couple) I think the big “E” is my karmic attraction. The sheer scale of his work is unmatched. Even to this day.

Q: How does the process of creating, and writing poetry make you feel?

A: Drained. That’s how it makes me feel. There really isn’t a big process though. The best thing about writing (especially poetry) is that you can do whatever you want. You can just let it all hang-out. The normal process for poetry with me is … lying on the couch (or whatever I am doing at the time) and WHAM! A thought enters the brain and after some nudging for about 1 or 5 days, I finally agree to write it. Poetry is and always has been ‘on the fly’ with me. I am always winging it.

Q: Are there other people who have influenced you in your fiction writing, poetry or songwriting?

A: I have posted just about all of my main influences on my blog. I write these little bio’s and stories and what not about them. From Lord Byron, Margaret Mitchell, Poe, and Goo-Goo Dolls. However, the biggest two are without doubt, Elvis and Rick Springfield.

Q: Do you have a writing program which works for you?

A: Yes I do, as a matter of fact. It is called, if you feel like doing it then do it and if not, don’t. LOL Seriously, that is how I write, by inspiration. If it’s there, it’s there and stories get written. If not, then nothing gets done. That’s the best thing I like about my writing, it’s whatever I want it to be. I don’t try and sculpt it, I let it sculpt me. Or as I tell everyone, writing chose me, not did I choose it.

Q: Do you have any favorite book genres which you love to read?

A: I’m not one for genres. In reading, writing, music, film, you name it. I just like good stories that make you feel something. And characterization is so important to me. If I can’t acquire an emotion of some kind for the characters, forget about it. As for genre, that’s just a prop for the story and characters.

Q: Are there any favorite books and authors who have been influential upon you and your writing?

A: “Gone With The Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. The first book I ever read. (Well, novel sized anyway) Growing up, I always loved Dr. Seuss. (Which may explain my poetry.) Other than that, there has been plenty of great works I.E. Literature, film and music that have inspired me. And writers, composers, ect. I find it fascinating how some people’s work speaks to you and other don’t. Like I said earlier, if it’s got all the ingredients necessary, then just about anybody’s work could inspire me.

Q: Do you have any favorite TV shows, from either the past, or still on the air?

A: Seinfeld! God, I miss that show. That may have very well been the best sitcom ever on TV. The show about “nothing”, “The summer of George” and “Yadda-yadda-yadda”. Currently, “Family Guy” and “South Park” and “The Big Bang Theory” as well as “Ancient Aliens” on History channel and “UFO Hunters.” Then on the sci-fi channel, I like to watch “Ghost Hunters” sometimes and “Fact or Fiction”. As for these ’Reality’ shows, I can live without them. (And I do) If I am at my parents house, I am forced to watch “American Idol” and “Dancing With The Stars” LOL.

Q.:Do you have any hobbies you love to participate in?

A: Abstract oil painting. Madden Football on my X-Box 360. (Wait, that’s not a hobby is it?) I love to play fantasy football. I play 12 teams every year between ESPN, CBS and Yahoo.

Q: Are there any other writing projects which you would like to mention?

A: I have a book scheduled to be released around late August or mid September called, “Year Of The Cat”. The synopsis reads as follows:

An American detective, Lancaster Parks, searching for a serial killer of American tourists in San Felipe, Mexico, a town buried in secrets, and ghosts. A corrupt police chief, Hernando Felix, clouded in more mystery than the town he serves. And her, the cat of Mexico, the beautiful girl whose name changes on a daily basis.

When American detective, Lancaster Parks, is sent by the U.S. State Department to investigate a string of serial killings committed against American male tourists in Mexico, he gets more than he ever bargained for. He quickly realizes he is in way over his head. Dealing with the corruption of local law enforcement, he also has to battle his conflicting emotions with a mysterious woman who shows up out of nowhere to seduce him. When all the evidence of the killings points to the chief, he wonders if he will even come out of this thing alive. He also wonders what mystery he will solve first, that of the woman, that of the corrupt chief of police, or the buried secrets of the past in a town lost in time. When you want a job done right, you send in the best, but even the best can have a bad day. Shadows are hard to capture in this elusive story of suspense, intrigue and erotic romance, sure to leave you mesmerized.

I am certain that everyone will join me in thanking Carroll today for his time, and that we look forward to reading more of his works in the future. If you wish to contact Carroll, he is available on:



*His website is: Side note: My blog has gotten over 10,000 page-views for the month of May alone. (over 22,000 in 5 months) It has become quite popular. Over 45 countries have visited it.

Carroll’s books can be accessed by clicking on the book covers below:

LAST FLIGHT OUT by Carroll Bryant


OF THE LIGHT by Carroll Bryant


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