‘Quiet’ Books VS ‘Loud’ Books: Which Do You Prefer?

This is a topic which I often think about, especially whenever I am reading a book and, when I am preparing a book review. I admit that I like the books I read to have components of both elements within them – that, for example, if the story is a romance novel, that it builds slowly, and presents well-timed surprises and shocks to the reader, but, this could easily pertain to any genre of novel or short story. It always depends upon the story, and what the author wishes to present in the narrative world. What is ‘loud’ to one reader, though, could be classified as ‘quiet’ to another, and vice versa – it is always relative to one’s viewpoint.


I would say that my own stories fall more into the ‘quiet’ book that the ‘loud’ book category, as they are geared towards thought rather than action. My short story LOOKING BACK is a reflective work, THE GREAT HIGH SCHOOL LOVE GAME has moments of reflection, but some more heated passages, while THE ADVENTURES OF MRS BROWNING has its serene moments tempered with scenes of fun and irreverence. We are all attracted to different reading experiences, and, from my own personal reading, I have sampled book genres which I never expected to like, such as science fiction and fantasy stories, which could be classified as ‘loud’ stories in terms of their content, and have been surprised by my enjoyment of these.

At this point we shall return to the original question posed by this post; which do you prefer – ‘Quiet’ or ‘Loud’ books?


2 thoughts on “‘Quiet’ Books VS ‘Loud’ Books: Which Do You Prefer?

    • Yes, I feel the same way, it’s good to read a bit of everything, and whatever one wishes to choose at the time they are reading.

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