Making a Slight Change to a Book Cover, and The Reason Why

As time passes and we look at the covers of our e-books, as I do on a regular basis,  questions arise in my mind as to the suitability of the cover, and, if it working well enough to project the correct image for the book, and represent the content to its best capacity. I recently came into this situation as I was re-assessing the covers of my e-books, and found that I was not entirely satisfied with how a certain cover was presented. I shall use THE ADVENTURES OF MRS BROWNING’s cover as my example.

I began to feel the need to change or alter the cover in some way as something did not feel quite correct about it. I started with the cover photograph – does this seem a likely thing to change, or not? I looked at the photograph on its own, without the cover title and author information, and decided that it wasn’t, and that I liked the photo, as it was. I determined that the title and author print fonts were the issue, as they seemed a little ill-positioned on the cover, and, also, not entirely attractive. Below is the cover before I had made the changes –


I tried a few different fonts and sizes for the title and author information on the book cover, and settled on the following cover, which I feel works better in all respects.


The book title does not appear as ‘stringy’ as it did originally, and, is better centered in the photograph. There was also too much space in between the title and author name, and it now seems to sit better overall in scale with the photograph.  Cover issues are always of ongoing concern to all authors who want their work to look its best. What do you think of my decision – does the cover look better now than it did previously? How do you handle such dilemmas which arise regarding covers from time to time? Now it’s over to you for your take on cover matters…


4 thoughts on “Making a Slight Change to a Book Cover, and The Reason Why

  1. I do like the new spacing better, it’s just that the new title strikes me as bolder/stronger and more masculine looking. While the old title does blend a bit too easily with the background, I see it more as the style Mrs. Browning herself may write in, finding no shame in a subtle bit of flourish.

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