Alexandra and Will Cameron are a young, attractive couple with their future ahead of them, until a tragic event in an alley one evening robs Will of his life, leaving Alexandra a devastated widow. The only clue to Will’s murder is the presence of a Scottish sgian dubh dagger which is found beside him. Alexandra is ably supported in her grief by Diego Navarro, Will’s best friend, who is determined to get to the bottom of his friend’s murder, but, at the same time, is fighting his feelings for his best friend’s widow. Diego has the means, and determination, to find Will’s murderers, and his and Alexandra’s quest for justice takes them on a globe-trotting quest which spans from Miami to Scotland, which in turn unlocks previously buried Cameron family secrets and brings these to the fore.


LEGACY OF THE HIGHLANDS is a fast-moving, entertaining story of love, honor and family, which is carried off with great panache. The characters are all realistic and three-dimensional, especially lead protagonist Alexandra Cameron, who is portrayed with much sympathy, but for whom the reader never feels pity. Alexandra is alternately spunky, fun, serious, sensual, and the reader is always on her side, never becoming obnoxious or unsympathetic. Her relationship with Diego is spirited and one never knows where it will lead, which is a good source of suspense in the story. The intrigue plotline could have turned into an espionage caper in lesser hands, but it is always related to the characters, and tied in well. Overall I cannot fault the story, but, there is one element I wished I could have seen more of.

The character of Anne Cameron, Will’s waspish, haughty mother, was a fascinating counterpoint in the story to the other characters. I would have liked to have had an even closer glimpse into her psyche, but, in retrospect, her presence is heavily felt whenever she is in the story, and, maybe this does work in the way that the focus is on Alexandra and Diego, and the supporting characters such as Anne are utilized to great degree. I was satisfied by the ending which, while not addressing all of the story’s loose ends, serves its purpose in a realistic manner as life is never totally cut and dry. From a story standpoint, the ending leaves the door open to further stories which can be explored at some stage with the central characters. If you are looking for a book which offers a little bit of everything, I highly recommend LEGACY OF THE HIGHLANDS. I give this book ***** out of *****.

If you would like an introduction to the characters of LEGACY OF THE HIGHLANDS, be sure to read its prequel, LUST AND HONOR, which is also a very entertaining story.

LUST AND HONOR by Harriet Schultz

+PLEASE NOTE: I received a copy of this e-book free of charge from the author of this work in return for my honest opinion of it.


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