Author Glenn Gabriel’s Guest Post: How to Convert Ordinary Text into Extraordinary Text

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming back author Glenn Gabriel to the blog for a guest post on a topic that is of much interest to writers. Glenn has produced two videos that explain how to create ordinary text, and convert it into extraordinary text, which is fruitful for many uses, amongst these, the creation of e-book covers. The first video deals with “Adding Texture and Proportional Shadows to Text”, while the second video is a tutorial detailing “Advanced – Ordinary Text to Extraordinary Text”. Without any further ado, I shall let Glenn explain how it all works!

GLENN AND SASHA GABRIEL, author photograph

Thank you Marcia, and thank you for the opportunity to share what I have learned and used over many years with your readers.

The text an author uses on their book cover can be just as important as the image they use. Generally speaking, many authors fall short in this area, by using plain text in one color. Using plain, single colored text is okay and may be the best in many circumstances, but having the option of transforming ordinary text, into extraordinary text, is something authors should keep in their bag of tricks.

I have created two videos after receiving many emails as to how I do some of the text I do for our book covers.

The first video is:

Adding Texture and Proportional Shadows to Text

In this video, I show how to take plain text within Photoshop, and easily place any image into the text. If you want your text to look like it’s filled with rocks, trees, sky, scales, skin, bricks, whatever, you can easily do so. You can take any image, regardless of what it is, and place it within text for your cover.

This first video will show how to place a graphic within text, and, how to add a proportional shadow to text for a great effect.

The second video is:

Advanced – Ordinary Text to Extraordinary Text

This video takes you a little further and shows more advanced techniques, however, very easy to perform. In this video, I show how to add more than one layer or image to text. This way, you may stack two or more images within the same text, creating very interesting and extraordinary text for your books.

I hope these videos will give your readers a place to start in creating extraordinary text for their covers.

Marcia, I would like to suggest that your readers go to YouTube and perform a search for: Photoshop Text. There are hundreds of outstanding videos which can fuel the imagination, and provide inspiration to any author. I have my own way of doing things, as others have theirs. Like most things, it is best to learn from as many others as you can, then find or create the best way of doing thing for yourself.

I will be doing more videos for authors in the months to come, so I hope your readers will visit my main page on YouTube, which is:

Here are some examples of covers I created using the above techniques:

‘MURDER’ cover example created by Glenn Gabriel

‘WITCH’ cover example created by Glenn Gabriel

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you and your readers Marcia, it is great speaking with you again.

You’re very welcome Glenn, likewise, thank you so much for your time today, I’m sure readers have found your videos very enlightening and helpful.

If you would like to contact Glenn for more information about his videos, you may contact him at the following address:


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