Poem: The Patisserie by Marcia Carrington

THE PATISSERIE by Marcia Carrington

THE PATISSERIE by Marcia Carrington

* * * *

One day I was desiring a treat

And knew that I wanted something sweet

I decided then and there

That I just had to visit a nice patisserie

where my eyes could wander along the delights, with sheer glee.

Before I knew it

My feet were planted on the patisserie welcome mat,

And, in an instant,

I was inside the store,

Where the vision of the sweet delights were tugging at my stomach’s core.

Gateaux, tortes, cakes, petit four, all awaiting my attention,

And many other delectations too numerous to mention.

My heart was pumping with the sights,

But definitely not out of fright,

I knew what I wanted to choose,

As my purse was starting to have a loose fuse.

I selected a chocolate gateaux for the entire family,

As I wanted everyone, including myself, to be very happy.

Happy we were, enjoying our gateaux,

And this delectable confection’s taste, I admit, was anything but faux!

* * * *


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