Inspiration For Authors – Something Which May Prove Useful

This post is devoted to something which I found extremely useful recently while I was searching for images for a book I am currently working on, which I hope may be of assistance to writers who may become a little stuck when seeking to create new stories. I was scanning a website which had many photographs and images, and found one in particular which I wished to use for an upcoming ebook. After doing this, and even though I was happy with my choice of photo for my ebook, I searched just a little more, out of curiosity, to see if there was anything else related to my current project.


In doing so, I saw some photographs which were not related to any of my current books, but, which I found interesting nonetheless. It’s funny, but seeing photographs of people, or landscapes etcetera, can send a flurry of thoughts through the mind unexpectedly, and, this happened to me. I saw photographs of young men and women in solo poses, and I received an immediate jolt – I thought to myself, wouldn’t this make a good story, there’s something here I can work with…the end result of my search was that from one current project, I now have four on the drawing table! I feel that my searches unlocked ideas, and themes, I had in my subconscious which, if I hadn’t done the search, may not have emerged. Everyone finds inspiration for their books in different ways, and it’s fascinating to pinpoint the origins of a story, and what inspires us in the first place to write it.


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