The Benefits Of Leaving A Writing Project Temporarily On The Backburner

Sometimes when we are writing we may experience a feeling that we cannot proceed any further with a project, and this could be attributed to various factors. Maybe we have been working on the story for so long we begin to find fault with it, thinking that we may possibly have writer’s block, or, that it’s just not worth pursuing. Maybe the speed of life itself makes us think that we will never find the time to complete the project, and, in a sense, we may effectively ‘give up’ on the story. Whatever the reason, I believe that, in the majority of cases, there is a remedy for this, and, it is more simple than we realise.

The Benefits of Leaving a Writing Project Temporarily on the Backburner

The best thing I have found from my experience is that when I leave a work by putting it temporarily to the side, this gives me more perspective on the project, and, having some distance from it can make me more objective in the long run. Having something else to work on in between is also another great way to take one’s mind off the project, and onto something else. For example, at the present moment, I am drafting a project whilst doing the final editing for another. I find that this works as I can alternate from one to the other, and it keeps things fresh for me. In addition to this, new ideas for the stories may emerge which may not have been possible if there was a tight focus on just one story.

It’s basically one of those things where what works for one writer may not work for another; everyone has different ways of carrying out their writing projects. It could also be boiled down to the fact that maybe we need a little break from writing, which could do the trick, in order to return to it refreshed and creatively revitalised. Whatever it is, and whatever works for us, we should pursue this totally, and never feel guilty if we require some time out from writing. We know ourselves, and how we feel, and should listen to our inner voice in this respect. We will know when the time arrives for us to return to writing; our sixth sense will tell us, for sure. Now it is over to you, for your thoughts on the benefits of leaving a writing project temporarily on the back-burner.


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