Have you ever wanted to see, speak to, and be with a relative or friend who has passed on, and tell them the things which you never had a chance to in life? If you did have this opportunity, what would you do, and say to them? This is the theme of my short story, THE GRANDMOTHER’S MESSAGE, which follows the journey of a young woman, Ariel, who misses her late grandmother greatly, and has held a candle for her ever since her passing. Will Ariel meet her grandmother, and, if she does, what will she do? Today I will be revealing the cover of my latest book, and invite your thoughts as to my story. More about THE GRANDMOTHER’S MESSAGE will be revealed over the next few weeks before its release date on Friday 28 June 2013.




7 thoughts on “Cover reveal for THE GRANDMOTHER’S MESSAGE

  1. Sounds like a really interesting book. I’ll have to read it when it comes out. Where will it be available? -Loren

  2. Thank you very much Loren, the book will come out on 28 June 2013 in around two weeks time, and be available firstly on Smashwords and Amazon, with the other book sites following thereafter.

    • Thank you very much for your interest Helena, THE GRANDMOTHER’S MESSAGE will be available on both Amazon and Smashwords from 28 June 2013, and other websites thereafter; only four days to go before its release, more details coming soon!

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