Who Is This Man, And Why Is He Hiding His Face Behind A Dartboard?

Who is this man, and why is he hiding his face behind a dartboard? Does he have something to hide, or, is something else going on? He has been having some difficulties over the past few weeks, and is not feeling himself lately. Handsome, affable, and very smart, he cannot understand why some things have not been progressing well in his life as of late, and feels as if it would be better to disappear, and become invisible for a while.

Mystery Man Hiding His Face Behind a Dartboard

Mystery Man Hiding His Face Behind a Dartboard

While never sorry for himself, he feels that he has been the target for some unfair twists and turns in his life. Things, though, will change for him very soon, and, in a way in which he never expected. He will be forced to do something which is not in his nature, but, which will gain him a privileged insight into the female psyche which he has never before experienced. In the process, he will discover things about himself which he never believed possible. At some stage in the next few weeks, though, he will be forced to drop the mask behind which he is concealing his identity, and show his face to the world again…


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