Feeling That You Are A Little Stuck For Writing Inspiration? Do Some…Cleaning!

Are you feeling that you are low on inspiration, and just cannot get any writing done? Have you been writing, but have come to a part that you just cannot continue with, and it is getting you down? Well fear not, there is a solution in sight, and it is not as difficult as it might seem. If you are feeling that you are a little stuck for inspiration, do some…cleaning!

Feeling That You Are A Little Stuck For Writing Inspiration? Do Some...Cleaning!

I believe that many times our home environment can have an effect on our writing, be it positive, or, even negative. The energy can sometimes build up without us even noticing, until we wish to do something such as writing, and we feel that there is an ‘obstacle’ in our way to achieving this. By cleaning I mean the cleaning which we sometimes may let go of for a little, sometimes due to the weather, as in winter it can be difficult to clean, as we keep the doors and windows closed to keep out the cold, and other such instances.

I have found from previous experience that when I do some cleaning, be it washing windows from the inside of the house, cleaning walls, bathrooms, cleaning floors, it helps to ‘cleanse’ the home of negative energy, and I am able to continue with what has been hampering me. It gives me a buzz which I cannot explain, and brings a spring in my step. To have done some cleaning not only makes the home fresh and hygienic, it also brings about a feeling of renewal in the home, and also, our actions.

This can also extend to spring cleaning, and other forms of de-cluttering, cleaning and purging. Once one starts to do these, they can be very addictive, and wholly satisfying. Seeing the fruits of one’s labor is a joy in itself, and then the time arrives to reap the rewards of this hard work!


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