The Advantages Of Rewarding Yourself For A Job Well Done With Your Writing

You have just completed your full-length novel, or short story, and are about to release it to the world. It may be your first work, or one of many that you have written. You feel a sense of elation that it is finally finished – from the many hours of brainstorming, honing the initial concept of the idea, the many hours itself it took to produce the work, to finally seeing it through to the very end. You’ve proofread it as best as you could, and also beta readers have assisted you in catching all those little grammatical, and bigger story inconsistencies that can sometimes occur. Well, there is only one thing left to do, and that is…sit back, and give yourself a big pat on the back for coming this far. Apart from this, I believe, though, that it is also fruitful to congratulate ourselves in a further way after completing our story.

The Advantages of Rewadring Yourself For A Job Well Done With Your Writing

The act of rewarding oneself for finishing a story is something that, with the speed of life, we may sometimes not do. It raises one’s feelings of accomplishment, and that you yourself value what you have done. Congratulating oneself can take any form, for example, if you love eating chocolate, you may (over!) indulge yourself just once (or several times!!) for a job well done. This is something which is individual from person to person, and does not have to be anything overly elaborate or expensive. You may wish to spend your normal time writing doing something else, such as watching TV, going for a drive, spending quality time with the family…whatever one’s heart desires. You may wish to spend a few days away from writing, and relax a little. Whatever you do, be sure to take the time to enjoy it, because there are many more stories waiting to be told in the world, and the addictive nature of writing itself will beckon you again towards it!


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