Starting The New Year With A Sneak Peek At Books To Come, And A Cover Reveal

I would like to start the New Year by offering readers a sneak peek at some of my stories for 2015, which I hope you find interesting, and, a cover reveal for one of them. THE ANNOUNCER (early February 2015 release)

Casey Abbott has watched her favourite TV personality, William Armstrong, for years on his Home Shopping Bonanza program on the local WSTY affiliate. An unexpected chain of events prompts Casey to meet William in person, where she will discover the real side to William Armstrong, and see him in a light she never expected…


Harvey is a forty-four year old university professor who piques the fascination of rapacious university student Annalise one day at when she sees him at a café she often visits. Annalise takes a shining to the reserved, but virile professor, and schemes to get closer to him by any means possible. Will this be a fanciful dip into the fountain of youth for Harvey, a May-December fling for Annalise, or true love?


Emmanuel is the chauffeur for Elaine Masterson, and is driving her to the reading of the will for her late husband, Edward. This will be anything but a conventional will reading, as Edward’s wayward, greedy relatives have also been invited, having a sense of entitlement which is larger than the world itself, and an attitude to match. Despite this, Elaine and Edward’s relatives will be shocked by what occurs at the will reading, as Edward makes conditions on everyone present, including Emmanuel, which will take them by surprise, and change their lives forever…


Freshly-divorced fifty-something Patricia has decided to pack up her woes, and take a holiday to an island resort to save her sanity. At the resort she meets a mysterious young man who is interested in her, despite their age difference, and Patricia entertains light thoughts of becoming involved with him, despite being on the rebound from her adulterous husband. Is this handsome young man all that her appears to be, or is he hiding something which may destroy Patricia’s life forever?


Katie walks home from work to her apartment every day, and visits a small supermarket on the way home. On two occasions she encounters a duo of petty criminals outside the supermarket who eye her, and kidnap her one late afternoon. Will the valiant Katie’s life come to an untimely end of the hands of her kidnappers, or will this be a meeting of the minds in a most unexpected way for her and them?

And now, here’s the cover reveal for BRANDY’S SUMMER IDOL, available in Summer 2015:



Brandy Harper will be spending a quiet summer at home in mourning after the death of her grandparents, which has been mandated by her mother. As she has just turned eighteen, she is feeling the sensation of summer in her veins, but cannot go anywhere. One day when the family car is having mechanical problems, Brandy’s father Garth calls the workshop, and they send out young, good-looking Ryan Chalice to start the car. Brandy cannot believe her eyes when she sees Ryan, and makes subtle moves to become friendlier with the masculine, but low-profile Ryan, against the vehement protests of her mother Agnes. Will this summer be one Brandy cherishes for the rest of her life, or one filled with nothing but heartache?

I hope you enjoyed a preview of some of my books for 2015. Release dates, and cover reveals for the other books will be made through my blog closer to their individual dates. I wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2015, and that all your wishes come true this year. Marcia


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