My Post for Reading Diversely on author Robert Zimmermann’s Blog

Author Robert Zimmermann has posted on his blog my piece concerning reading diversely, see the link below.

Robert Zimmermann, Author Photograph

Robert Zimmermann, Author Photograph

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A Life Among The Pages

You may recall Christina Lee’s recent guest post here on A Life Among the Pages. In that post, Lee shared some of her favorite M/M romances. And you might remember yesterday’s release from Megan Erickson, Trust the Focuswhich is one of the books Christina Lee recommended.

Today, I’m helping to continue with the recommendations for more diverse reading with the help of Marcia Carrington. This time around, we’ll be getting more M/M recommendations, but with a slight change. These will be short story recommendations. Along with reading diversely in subject matter, I find that not everyone gives short stories a chance. I know some readers who dismiss shorter work (for some reasons I feel are valid, some I don’t), and maybe this’ll be a way to explore the short story and add some different subjects to your reading lives.

Please check these out. I’ve found many are…

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