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My Guest Post on author Shannon Thompson’s website

I recently had the pleasure of doing a guest post on young adult and fantasy author Shannon Thompson’s great website, the link to which is below. Shannon is the author of MINUTES BEFORE SUNSET, and has a comprehensive and helpful website that you should visit.

Shannon Thompson, author photograph

Shannon Thompson, author photograph

Shannon can be contacted on the following sites:

*Shannon’s website



*Amazon Author Page

*Barnes and Noble

Shannon A Thompson


As an author, I spend a lot of my free time on the computer. In fact, between my editing job and my writing time, I spend almost ALL my time on my computer. But you still have to get off the laptop sometimes and explore the world. This is what our guest blogger is discussing today. Author Marcia Carrington talks about how important it is to seek inspiration outside of the computer-sphere. If you’re an author, tell us about stepping away from your work and what that means to you. But first and foremost, let’s welcome Marcia!

Do You ‘Take’ Your Characters With You When You’re In The Outside World? By Marcia Carrington

This is something that I often do whenever I’m not at home, that is, I could be at the mall, waiting at a doctor’s surgery, in line at the supermarket, or at some other such place…

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