Fate brought them together one December evening, but it may also pull them apart forever…

Earle Kramer visits Enchante restaurant awaiting the arrival of his fiancée Bonita, primed to announce some wonderful news to her. When Bonita leaves Earle via cell phone text message, he is devastated, and does not know what to do. Another patron at the restaurant that same evening experiences a similar predicament to Earle.

Ria Carnette is also left in the lurch by her fiancé Alain, who does not show up at all at the restaurant. She later discovers a letter from Alain regarding their separation at home, which leaves her heartbroken.

The plights of Earle and Ria are viewed with sympathy by caring Enchante restaurant owner Harland, who does his best to encourage Earle and Ria to get together, seeing their mutual, if tentative interest in one another. Will Harland’s best attempts to connect Earle and Ria fail, or will his intuition about their compatibility prove wonderfully correct?



I present to you the cover for EARLE’S GRAND DESPAIR, my new romance novelette, and final book for 2015. EARLE’S GRAND DESPAIR will be available to readers from the 16th of November 2015 at bookstores.


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