19 thoughts on “Guest Post: author Lizzie Lamb discusses the use of locations in her novels

  1. Hi Marcia, thank you for doing such a fab job with my photos and notes. If I was to choose a location to write about, I think it would have to be Scotland for the reasons I’ve outlined above. Luckily, readers – and especially readers in the US, seem to share the same dream. They’ve embraced my novels and I hope number four, when it appears, doesn’t disappoint them.

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  3. Lovely post. Thank you, Marcia.
    Having read and enjoyed all of Lizzie’s books, I’ve noticed her special flair and feeling for location. It stands out. I’ve fallen in love with each place in turn.! Great reads.

  4. What a great idea to blog about locations that add so much to a novel as these do all Lizzie’s stories. Loved the photos and how these places inspired her.

  5. I am just reading Lizzie Lamb’s latest novel, Scotch on the Rocks, which I am loving! Having read Lizzie other ‘Scottish’ novel, Tall, Dark and Kilted, I really want to visit Scotland myself and explore. The Scottish Tourist Board should take note – I think a lot of people will want to visit after reading the wonderful descriptions of the scenery, the light, the sea and the people.

    • Thanks Sarah I’d happily be on the payroll! The something about West Coast of Scotland I just can’t get enough of it.

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