Double Cover Reveal: ALBY MARTIN and SILAS SAVAGE

Today I have a double book cover reveal rounding out my books for 2016. New adult romance novelette ALBY MARTIN is first, due in October 2016, followed by short story romance SILAS SAVAGE, the sequel to MAN ON A MOTORBIKE, which will be released in December, 2016.



Cute, spunky university student Alby Martin likes nothing more than to take life as it comes, with a big smile, and heart to match. One day at the park he encounters Faire, a young woman with a troubled home life, and Alby becomes enchanted with the ethereal, but unsettled young woman. A central thorn in Faire’s life is her stepfather Everett who is suspicious of anyone who comes into contact with her. Faire had made a promise to her late mother to look after Everett which he exploits at every turn to his advantage. Will Everett’s interference in their relationship be the ultimate straw, and Alby come to regret his attachment to Faire?



Tragedy has visited Linda’s life yet again, and unable to cope with the loneliness she moves in with her parents. One day she meets the man on the motorbike one year after their initial encounter, and is drawn to get to know him better, despite her parents’ misgivings. Will his moody disposition, and secrets from his past make Linda regret that she came into contact with the enigmatic, volatile Silas Savage?


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