New books for 2019 and, Two Cover Reveals

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the Holiday Season with their loved ones.

In this blog post I am offering cover reveals of my new books for 2019.

Short story romance THE FUNERAL will be released on 5th September 2019, and science fiction novelette DREAM STATE will arrive on screens on December 5, 2019.

The synopsis for each book is underneath its respective cover.

Wishing everyone a happy New Year for 2019, with peace, health and safety paramount.


THE FUNERAL by Marcia Carrington


Janice Althorpe is mourning the death of her employer, and fiance, publishing magnate Charles Fallmont. Today she is at Charles’ funeral, sitting alone, watching the proceedings from afar in the church. While Charles’ daughter Maureen welcomes Janice’s presence at the funeral, son Jackson resents Janice, seeing her as a gold digging opportunist who used his father. Janice faithfully attends the funeral until the casket is placed in the hearse, but an unexpected interruption urges Janice to leave the ceremony, in the process possibly placing her life in peril…


DREAM STATE by Marcia Carrington


After losing his job, David Calloway has been seeing nightmares of the murder of a young girl, these intensifying recently after his girlfriend left him. David believes he may have committed the crime as a youngster, but the fuzzy nature of his dreams is not providing him with a determinate answer. After several unsuccessful attempts to control his dreams with medication, David’s specialist, Dr Albert Garland, suggests he attend the Dream State clinic, headed by Dr Anna Frankel, who specializes in music therapy to assist patients with their emotional problems. With great hesitation David undergoes the therapy, as he wants to know if he indeed committed a heinous crime, and get to the bottom of this quandary once and for all. Will David’s time at the Dream State clinic solve his problem, or make matters even worse than they already are?



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