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New Release: ALICIA DAY

My new suspense-thriller short story ALICIA DAY is now available to readers.

ALICIA DAY by Marcia Carrington


ALICIA DAY can be found on:








Preview of Books for 2017

I hope everyone’s been having a great 2017 so far, hard to believe another year has ended, and another started! In this post I will be offering a preview of some of my books for 2017, along with a cover reveal of my first release this year. Enjoy.



ALICIA DAY ( March 2017 release – flash fiction suspense horror)

Naïve Alicia marries the man of her dreams, and high school sweetheart, Armand Day, but their marriage is filled with nothing but negative experiences and horror, until one day Alicia makes a life-changing decision which will stay with her as long as she lives.




CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE (comedy-romance novelette – release date to be announced)

Margaret ‘Molly’ Hastings is a fan of TV personality Charlie Castle, following his life religiously, to the amusement of roommate Gina. A competition is held where the winner wins an evening with Charlie which Molly refuses to participate in, but she does a dummy recording with Gina. Molly believes Charlie would never give her the light of day, but Gina has other ideas. When Gina sends the recording into the competition, Molly is furious with her, and things become even more heated when Molly turns out to be one of the two finalists. When Molly sees the other contender her heart sinks, as the girl is tall, blond and beautiful, unlike herself, being short and ordinary looking. The other girl’s insults become too much for Molly, and she runs away from the contest, to Charlie’s disillusionment. Will Charlie follow her, or choose the other contestant instead of Molly, her dream shattered forever?


GRAYSON’S DILEMMA (romance novelette – release date to be announced)

One day when visiting the pier with his daughter Mara, Grayson March encounters a young woman, Jenna Mayer, who saves Mara after she falls into the water. Touched by Jenna’s concern for Mara, Grayson invites Jenna to stay in his guest house at the rear of his lakefront property, to the discomfort of his mother-in-law Evelyn. Mara warms to Jenna as she seeks a mother figure as Grayson’s wife died at childbrith, leaving Grayson a widower. Jenna’s life is shrouded in mystery, and this causes Grayson angst, as she refuses to discuss this in any way. Is Jenna a real threat to the March family’s happiness that will bring them nothing but heartache?