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And now for my final cover reveal for 2017…


He was tall, handsome, with an alluring charm but one day, he disappeared from the spotlight, puzzling his many admirers in the process…Marisa Parlance idolizes actor Beau Montague, and has been disappointed since he left show business. She searches on the internet for him, and always comes up with nothing. Marisa’s friend Payton encourages her in her quest to find out more about Beau, but Marisa finds nothing but dead ends, inferring that Beau is deceased, or worse. Marisa takes the plunge to see if she can find Beau Montague where he was last spotted, but will her investigative work actually arrive at the truth, or not lead to anything at all?

BEAUTIFUL BEAU MONTAGUE will be available from late November, 2017 on your favourite online bookstore.



Hi everyone,

Here is the cover reveal for AMANDA’S PAYBACK, adult psychological drama novelette due for release in late October, 2017. For more about my book, please read on…

Amanda Parkinson loves to shop at Johannsson’s, her favorite department store, but the staff there, specifically Magda, an older service assistant, have taken a dislike to her. Magda enlists the help of her lover, security guard Bellamy, to shame Amanda into not shopping there anymore. Matters take an unexpected turn when Amanda kidnaps Bellamy, aided by her brother Thomas, for a night of revenge, and humiliation, Bellamy will never forget…



And now for a cover!

CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE by Marcia Carrington

CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE by Marcia Carrington

Here is the cover reveal for my upcoming comedy-romance novelette which will be available from August 2017, CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE. For more about my book, read on…

Margaret ‘Molly’ Hastings is a fan of TV personality Charlie Castle, following his life religiously, to the amusement of roommate Gina. A competition is held where the winner wins an evening with Charlie which Molly refuses to participate in, but she does a dummy recording with Gina. Molly believes Charlie would never give her the light of day, but Gina has other ideas. When Gina sends the recording into the competition, Molly is furious with her, and things become even more heated when Molly turns out to be one of the two finalists. When Molly sees the other contender her heart sinks, as the girl is tall, blond and beautiful, unlike herself, being short and ordinary looking. The other girl’s insults become too much for Molly, and she runs away from the contest, to Charlie’s disillusionment. Will Charlie follow her, or choose the other contestant instead of Molly, her dream shattered forever?