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Preview of Books for 2017

I hope everyone’s been having a great 2017 so far, hard to believe another year has ended, and another started! In this post I will be offering a preview of some of my books for 2017, along with a cover reveal of my first release this year. Enjoy.



ALICIA DAY ( March 2017 release – flash fiction suspense horror)

Naïve Alicia marries the man of her dreams, and high school sweetheart, Armand Day, but their marriage is filled with nothing but negative experiences and horror, until one day Alicia makes a life-changing decision which will stay with her as long as she lives.




CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE (comedy-romance novelette – release date to be announced)

Margaret ‘Molly’ Hastings is a fan of TV personality Charlie Castle, following his life religiously, to the amusement of roommate Gina. A competition is held where the winner wins an evening with Charlie which Molly refuses to participate in, but she does a dummy recording with Gina. Molly believes Charlie would never give her the light of day, but Gina has other ideas. When Gina sends the recording into the competition, Molly is furious with her, and things become even more heated when Molly turns out to be one of the two finalists. When Molly sees the other contender her heart sinks, as the girl is tall, blond and beautiful, unlike herself, being short and ordinary looking. The other girl’s insults become too much for Molly, and she runs away from the contest, to Charlie’s disillusionment. Will Charlie follow her, or choose the other contestant instead of Molly, her dream shattered forever?


GRAYSON’S DILEMMA (romance novelette – release date to be announced)

One day when visiting the pier with his daughter Mara, Grayson March encounters a young woman, Jenna Mayer, who saves Mara after she falls into the water. Touched by Jenna’s concern for Mara, Grayson invites Jenna to stay in his guest house at the rear of his lakefront property, to the discomfort of his mother-in-law Evelyn. Mara warms to Jenna as she seeks a mother figure as Grayson’s wife died at childbrith, leaving Grayson a widower. Jenna’s life is shrouded in mystery, and this causes Grayson angst, as she refuses to discuss this in any way. Is Jenna a real threat to the March family’s happiness that will bring them nothing but heartache?



A Preview of my new books for 2016, and a cover reveal

Happy New Year for 2016 to everyone, I hope that it was a pleasant 2015 for you.

I am starting the New Year with a preview of some of my new books for 2016, and, a cover reveal for one of these, which I hope you enjoy.



MAXWELL SLADE HAS VANISHED (April 2016) Cozy Mystery-Suspense Novelette

Fitness entrepreneur and personality Maxwell Slade goes missing one evening, this devastating his wife Beverley, and loyal staff at his company Maxwell’s Fitness. The police suspect he has been kidnapped, but cannot work out why the well-liked Maxwell is in this position, as he has no known enemies. A staff member at Maxwell’s Fitness, Allison Parker, firmly believes that Maxwell is alive, despite protests to the contrary by Beverley. Spurred on by Beverley’s lack of faith in Maxwell, Allison will deeply delve into Maxwell’s disappearance, but will her intervention in this matter place her life in peril?


GRANT’S ANGUISH (June 2016) Romance Short Story

Grant has just returned home to discover that his wife of fifteen years has left him, and is devastated. He was planning a romantic time with her as his vacation leave has just begun, but this is cut short. Their marriage, though, has been on the rocks for a while due to their lack of relations, which his wife Marion blames him for with a passion.

One windy evening Grant goes for a drive to get away from everything which is going haywire in his life, and ends up on the beach. He is spotted there by Samantha, a practical, sensuous woman living beachside, who takes an immediate liking to the handsome Grant after seeing him in pain on the beach. Samantha approaches the hesitant Grant, who is caught between a rock and a hard place, and tries to become friendly with him, with uneven results.

Is Samantha the antidote to Grant’s life which he cannot fully comprehend, and, will his doubts consequently drive a wedge between them forever?


Here is the cover for HEARTBREAKER, Romance Novella available February 2016.



Ethan Wainwright is a specialist in affairs of the heart – he has made a habit of loving beautiful young women, bringing them to soaring heights of happiness, and just when they believe they are in heaven, leaving them in a state of utter dismay. He has a left a string of broken hearts in his wake, but an unexpected incident brings him crashing back to earth, making him question his acts. The sister of one of his love victims seeks revenge for the wrongs Ethan committed upon her sister, but will this young woman extract her retaliation upon Ethan, or fall prey to his irresistible charm?

Starting The New Year With A Sneak Peek At Books To Come, And A Cover Reveal

I would like to start the New Year by offering readers a sneak peek at some of my stories for 2015, which I hope you find interesting, and, a cover reveal for one of them. THE ANNOUNCER (early February 2015 release)

Casey Abbott has watched her favourite TV personality, William Armstrong, for years on his Home Shopping Bonanza program on the local WSTY affiliate. An unexpected chain of events prompts Casey to meet William in person, where she will discover the real side to William Armstrong, and see him in a light she never expected…


Harvey is a forty-four year old university professor who piques the fascination of rapacious university student Annalise one day at when she sees him at a café she often visits. Annalise takes a shining to the reserved, but virile professor, and schemes to get closer to him by any means possible. Will this be a fanciful dip into the fountain of youth for Harvey, a May-December fling for Annalise, or true love?


Emmanuel is the chauffeur for Elaine Masterson, and is driving her to the reading of the will for her late husband, Edward. This will be anything but a conventional will reading, as Edward’s wayward, greedy relatives have also been invited, having a sense of entitlement which is larger than the world itself, and an attitude to match. Despite this, Elaine and Edward’s relatives will be shocked by what occurs at the will reading, as Edward makes conditions on everyone present, including Emmanuel, which will take them by surprise, and change their lives forever…


Freshly-divorced fifty-something Patricia has decided to pack up her woes, and take a holiday to an island resort to save her sanity. At the resort she meets a mysterious young man who is interested in her, despite their age difference, and Patricia entertains light thoughts of becoming involved with him, despite being on the rebound from her adulterous husband. Is this handsome young man all that her appears to be, or is he hiding something which may destroy Patricia’s life forever?


Katie walks home from work to her apartment every day, and visits a small supermarket on the way home. On two occasions she encounters a duo of petty criminals outside the supermarket who eye her, and kidnap her one late afternoon. Will the valiant Katie’s life come to an untimely end of the hands of her kidnappers, or will this be a meeting of the minds in a most unexpected way for her and them?

And now, here’s the cover reveal for BRANDY’S SUMMER IDOL, available in Summer 2015:



Brandy Harper will be spending a quiet summer at home in mourning after the death of her grandparents, which has been mandated by her mother. As she has just turned eighteen, she is feeling the sensation of summer in her veins, but cannot go anywhere. One day when the family car is having mechanical problems, Brandy’s father Garth calls the workshop, and they send out young, good-looking Ryan Chalice to start the car. Brandy cannot believe her eyes when she sees Ryan, and makes subtle moves to become friendlier with the masculine, but low-profile Ryan, against the vehement protests of her mother Agnes. Will this summer be one Brandy cherishes for the rest of her life, or one filled with nothing but heartache?

I hope you enjoyed a preview of some of my books for 2015. Release dates, and cover reveals for the other books will be made through my blog closer to their individual dates. I wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2015, and that all your wishes come true this year. Marcia

MARK’S PASSIONATE HEART is featured on author Susan Buchanan’s blog

Author Susan Buchanan has kindly featured my latest release, MARK’S PASSIONATE HEART, on her blog, which I invite you to check out:




The post also has an excerpt from the book which I hope you enjoy reading.

While you’re looking at the post, be sure to check out Susan’s blog and read the great array of topics which she covers:

Susan Buchanan, author photograph

Susan Buchanan, author photograph


If you would like to find out more about Susan and her books, you can find her interview on my blog here:


Have a great Monday, and a happy new week.


I have been tagged for the Work in Progress blog tour by author Emma Gray, and have nominated author Mackenzie Brown!

I have been tagged by author Emma Gray for the Work in Progress blog tour, whom I thank very much for the nomination, and chance to expound more about my book MARK’S PASSIONATE HEART. Emma’s book is POWER PLAY, the sequel to PARTY GAMES, and you can find out more about it on Emma’s blog here and it is available on Amazon. Emma can be contacted on twitter here – @emsie1979


The rules for the Work in Progress tour are as follows:

1) Provide the link back to the post by the person who nominated you.

2) Write a little about and give the first sentences of the first three chapters of your current WIP.

3) nominate four other writers to do the same (this can be adapted for your purposes).


MARK’S PASSIONATE HEART is an exploration of a man who comes to a town in the height of summer, and affects the lives of two beautiful women forever. It will be released on 15 September 2014, and is the first in a two-part series of romance novelettes. The second in the series, MARK’S RAVISHING HEART, will be released in the second half of 2015.



Chapter One: Mark Allan was walking along the esplanade, admiring the scenic sights, and those on the beach.

Chapter Two: “Oh Dana, it’s great to have you back!” Dana’s work associate Estella said to her, as they walked together to the cosmetics counter.

Chapter Three: The next day, Dana was in her department, looking over some sales reports for her section.


For the Work in Progress tour I nominate author:


*Mackenzie Brown @mackbrownbooks Mackenzie’s blog is at – mackbrown.weebly.com 


It was great fun participating in the Work in Progress blog tour, and be sure check out Mackenzie’s work on his excellent blog.