All of the books which I review on my blog, being either free e-books, or, e-books which I have received from the author free of charge for the purpose of review, and which have a sale amount, in both cases, does not in any way influence my opinion as to my final review of the material in question.

If it is an e-book which I have received from the author for my opinion of the book in question, being, an e-book which has a sale amount, I will highlight this notice at the end of my review being “PLEASE NOTE: I received a copy of this e-book free of charge from the author of this work in return for my honest opinion of it.”

I will only provide a review for e-books, either free or those which have a sale amount, where I can award the material either four **** or five stars *****, and I treat all e-books, either free or those with a sale amount, and differing types, such as short stories and longer works, to the same critical criteria.

I do not receive any financial remuneration for reviewing books – I do it because I love reading books of all types, and derive enjoyment out of reviewing these.

Thank you.

[Due to time constraints, I will be unable to review any more books by request due to writing commitments. Thank you for your understanding.]

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